There are many reason why people like to work with . Operating in key market we provide innovative and high quality civil engineering and solutions, alongside specialism in road construction,operation and maintenance

Roads: A term for the arteries of human civilization. Roads refer to the path by which we travel to our destination. It has been derived from the Sanskrit word vah (carry, go or move) which has evolved over centuries and is finally pronounced as “road”.

Like its name, the concept of roads has also evolved over centuries. Take it from the scientifically constructed travel system in the Indus Valley civilization to the revolutionising concept of Autobahn in Germany; roads have always been the prime and integral necessity of every community and every era. Arati Construction Company has started their journey in the year 200 with a vision to be a part of the development of our country. Enthusiastic, young and hard working entrepreneurship established themselves as a good partner of the concept ‘build India better’.The principal objective of our organisation is to offer the latest technology in the field of road construction engineering, with a special eye on quality oriented economy. The organisation has talented Human resource, rich in experience, with creative imagination, seasoned in innovation, packed with enthusiasm as well as with energy, and dynamic in action to cover various streams of construction services and to provide comprehensive and integrated construction projects such as: Road Construction and Improvement Works. Bridges, Railway Over Bridges and Fly-Overs, Infrastructure Development Projects (B.O.T.).
Our key objective is to seek excellence in every aspect of our work and organization. We aim to maintain honor and mutual respect with a professional approach in relations between clients, members of the firm and collaborators. We seek to achieve a service appropriate to the needs of our clients and to society at large.

We live in an age of continual and increasingly rapid change. Our aim is not just to keep pace with this change, but to help lead it. Our employees deliver outstanding work for their clients through unparalled engineering skills, professionalism, and strong commitment, while adhering to strict cost and time management. Arati Constructions has always demonstrated its capability to deliver projects on or often prior to schedule. Under the able leadership of all of Arati Construction’s management team, we deliver the highest quality construction projects in alignment with our vision: “WE BUILD A BETTER WORLD”. We know that only a lap has been completed in the big race and miles to go. We always prepare ourselves for the long journey where commitment and dedication are the only instruments to reach the destination and make the road strong and smooth.


At we aim to provide a professional service that is second to none. Our company is driven by the needs of our clients, our people and partners. We are motivated by a passion to deliver excellence through expertise. Talk to us when you require a partner for your investment, road construction, operational or maintenance needs. Talk to us when you need people to deliver expertise that counts.

The history of human civilization could well have begun with the development of pathways and roads; for the movement of Men, Material and Machinery, the lifeline of nation building, would have been impossible without arterial roads to facilitate transport.We understand that the most effective way of adding value to build environment is road construction. The construction and maintenance of roads has been and shall remain a capital-intensive continual process that is at core of any development activity.

To enhance the quality we have continuously strived and kept ourselves updated with the technology in terms of material, machinery and process, the continuous testing of the raw material and product has given an edge in this competitive market by satisfying the clients as well as road and highway users and getting us repetitive orders. Further the company has continuously strived for social responsibility by keeping their workers well fed and happy.

Reaching out, providing much needed connectivity, Arati Construction Company is steadily, consistently strengthening the nation’s infrastructure base. Every step in this journey is a celebration of its commitment to the country and to the people. In fact, the journey is itself the destination! Finally our strength and belief is “EVERY MILE STONE IS OUR VALUE